Horse vets in Cheltenham areaWe are aware of how annoying some owners find it when a vet asks “Is he or she insured”. The way we approach and treat your horse’s problem is not affected by the presence of an insurance policy. However our recommendations do need to be guided somewhat by budget, and sometimes we may need to tactfully enquire.

Vets’ fees insurance is a great way of budgeting for the unexpected cost of your horse becoming injured or unwell. Vets fees cover up to £5000 is preferable as major procedures such as complicated lameness diagnostics and treatment or colic surgery can cost thousands. It is also worth checking the excess and whether you are responsible for a certain percentage of fees for all or certain procedures.

Most vets’ fees polices also include All Risks Mortality (ARM) and Third Party liability insurance; if you are a member of the BHS, you may already have third-party insurance. ARM covers you for the value of the horse should he or she die suddenly or have to be destroyed on humane grounds. There are some very strict guidelines agreed with the insurance industry regarding eligible criteria before a successful claim under ARM insurance so do not automatically assume that your claim will be agreed with the insurer.

Insurance Policy Renewal and Exclusions

Do be honest when speaking to insurers and disclose to them any veterinary treatment no matter how insignificant, because this may prejudice any future claims you may have. Also check your new policy carefully for exclusions even if you haven’t changed your insurance company or made a claim. If you think the exclusions are unfair, then do get in touch with us and we will contact your insurer on your behalf, to ask for a reason.

We are not allowed legally to recommend insurance policies , but we can advise or help you in general terms so don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email!

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