Repeat Prescriptions

repeat prescriptions for horsesIt is now possible to order your equine medication online through our online dispensary partner VetDispense.
VetDispense is an RCVS-registered animal dispensary offering FREE first class delivery on orders over £29.

FREE prescriptions

If we have seen your horse in the last 6 months and you have had the medicine you require previously (either directly from us or via a prescription and online dispensary), then simply click on the link below to order. VetDispense will contact us directly for the prescription and there will be NO CHARGE to you for the prescription.

Click HERE to order medication from VetDispense

If you choose to use another dispensary then we can provide you with a written prescription, but there is a charge for this service.

If we have not seen your horse in the last 6 months then please contact us to arrange a 6 month prescription check up. Please note that seeing your horse for vaccinations, dentals or other examinations is fine providing we have prescribed the medication previously.

Why do you need a 6 monthly check up?
We are frequently asked to clarify the rules that govern how we are allowed to authorise requests for repeat prescription medicines. We are bound by strict guidelines set by the Royal College of Veterinary surgeons (RCVS) for best practice.

These can be referred to via the following link

In order to prescribe medication an animal must be “under the care” of a veterinary surgeon. This means that your horse needs to be seen at least every 6 months in order to comply with these guidelines, and to ensure that any medication prescribed is appropriate.

These examinations and prescriptions take time and expertise, so there is a charge for a repeat prescription check up and also for the visit. However, we do understand that owning a horse and paying for medication is expensive. We have tried to make this more manageable by providing a link to our on line dispensary partner VetDispense

Click HERE to order medication from VetDispense

Clients who acquire their repeat prescription through VetDispense will not be charged a prescription fee. Please note however that we still do need to see your horse every 6 months.

It should be noted that certain conditions may require more frequent examinations to monitor progress, and that on occasion we may recommend that a blood sample is taken to monitor the progress of the condition and/or the response to ongoing treatment.

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