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Monthly Archives: March 2018

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Anna’s Spring (honest!) 2018 blog

So it’s technically spring now… Ridiculous I know considering the recent arctic blast!  I still can’t get to my yard without a mammoth hike dragging a giant water bottle and trying not to kill myself slipping and sliding on all of the snow drifts!

At this time of year most people are thinking towards a summer of fun with their horses.  The most important things to remember to do before setting out to enjoy the glorious British Summer with your horses are:

  • Annual vaccinations up to date . For more information about the primary course and boosters Click Here
  • Dental check and routine rasping – don’t forget that horses teeth continuously erupt throughout their lives, and their lower jaw being narrower than their upper jaw predisposes them to sharp points in certain places. Your horses teeth should be checked at least annually and some horses (younger, older or with dental disease) require more frequent checks/work. Click Here for our Dentistry Services
  • Tack check –you’d be amazed how much your horse can change shape! Especially if they have been out of work, if they are young and still developing or if they are now doing more/different work than previous. I think we are all guilty of not checking tack fit regularly enough, and many horses that we and our physio colleagues see who have sore backs will have tack that doesn’t fit properly.
  • Trailer or lorry servicing/plating – floors in both should be checked regularly for any signs of weakness and all mechanical parts should be regularly serviced whether used a little or a lot.
  • Rider fitness – are you hindering your horse? It is important to remember that your position/posture can massively affect the way your horse works. I definitely need to work on sitting straighter!
  • Routine Worm Egg counts – these should be done every 3 – 4 months (these are included in our health plan J ) with worming when advised by your vet.

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