Russell Guire 2018

Horse and Rider Performance: Russell Guire Returns

Weds 21st November 2018. National Star College, Ullenwood, Cheltenham. 7.30-9.30pm

Russell Guire is returning to Cheltenham Equine Vets events programme: back by popular demand. This will be the third year running that Russell has been to talk to us, and every year the feedback forms say “more Russell please”! For those who have not heard him before, Russell and his company, Centaur biomechanics, work on rider and horse performance at all levels using an approach which marries up science and a wealth of experience. Russell uses a gait analysis system and combines technology and horsemanship to look at how tack and rider affect the way that a horse moves. He and his team have discovered fascinating insights into where saddles, girths, bridles and other bits of kit exert their pressure and how we can optimise tack to aid performance, and ultimately of course, welfare.

We have asked Russell to spend some time sharing his thoughts and outcomes of research on bits and bridles. There are an increasing number of options available to us now, and working out what is best for your horse can be a minefield. We’re hoping Russell will help us make a bit of sense of what is out there and how we can make the right choices for our horses.

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