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Equine dental surgery


Equine Dentistry

As equine vets we fully understand the importance of regular meticulous dental care. Our service ranges from providing routine rasping every 6-12 months to more complicated and specialized procedures such as reduction of hooks (also called overgrowths) and widening, flushing and packing of gaps (diastema) that accumulate food material and lead to gum disease and dental decay.

Over the last 20 years the face of equine dentistry has changed out of all recognition. There is an increasing array of equipment and techniques available and new things come into and out of fashion.

At Cheltenham Equine Vets we understand the significance of the healthy and unhealthy mouth and that preventative care is paramount. We continually keep up to date with new research and as vets we critically evaluate new things so that only the most appropriate procedures and equipment are used.


Sedation? Why is it sometimes necessary?  

A dental examination and any work carried out inside a horse’s mouth is a precise procedure that requires the horse to wear a gag to enable examination and treatment. Many horses do have the temperament to stand still enough and accept what’s happening. However in some circumstances anxiety and discomfort may mean that use of sedation is necessary to allow a thorough and safe examination and treatment of your horse. Sedatives reduce anxiety, relax muscles and relieve pain.

Remember that a horse that has always been good to have routine rasping without sedation may become fractious due to something painful in the mouth that has not been there before.


Where should the dental be performed?

It is important to carry out the dental in a dark, quiet environment. Light outside or in a stable actually works against the vet as it prevents the vet’s head torch highlighting your horse’s mouth.


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